If there's any former president I'd peg as a big fan of Mardi Gras, it's Bill Clinton. And so naturally, Clinton—with his wife far away in China—picked Mardi Gras week to tell President Obama to chill out.

"I just want the American people to know that he's confident that we are gonna get out of this and that he feels good about the long run," Clinton told ABC's Chris Cuomo on "Good Morning America" today, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Bill Clinton assuring the American people that Obama "feels good" makes me feel a lot better! But what really makes me feel better is that "Things are sort of buzzing down here right now, and it feels good," Michael Valentino, a local New Orleans businessman who owns three hotels in the French Quarter, told CNN. "Didn't know what to expect this year, but it appears that interest is high and people are acting on that decision in order to make Carnival part of their travel plans."

Hotel bookings are on pace with last year, and the Big Easy is anticipating between 700,000 and 800,000 Mardi Gras visitors this year—at least as many as 2008, according to CNN. "Some tourism officials and business owners expect this year's attendance to top last year's numbers because Fat Tuesday, on February 24 this year, falls nearly three weeks later, giving visitors more time to plan and budget for the trip after the winter holidays."

Everybody's feeling good. Let's keep it up!