Back in 1139 AD St. Malachy was in Rome on his way to visit Pope Innocent II.  Before he spoke with the pope he had a vision of all of the popes that would lead the church throughout all of Catholicism's lifespan.  He gave 112 brief descriptions of 112 different popes, we are on the 112th pope right now.  This vision has been adopted by the church and they say that this vision is official.  So the Catholic church now has "official" writings according to them that they are on their last pope of the life of the church.

So what happens after Pope Benedict XVI is removed from office, either by death or whatever else reason a pope can get removed from his papacy?  Is the Catholic church going to just cease to exist because they can't pick a 113th pope because their official doctrine has only 112 popes?  Or will Pope Benedict XVI get thrown out of office and some group like the Aetheists will destroy the Catholic church?  Many things can happen, I believe that this has to do with the predictions made by the Mayans, the Hopi tribe, the I Ching Dynasty in China, Merlin, and several other groups have predicted.  This is just the way I look at things because I understand that the earth is moving from 3rd density, to 4th density positive within the next 5 years.  I'm pretty sure that if a great pole shift were to occur the Catholic church would survive, I mean there is about 2 billion Catholics out there at least 1 has to survive to spread his belief.

So what do you think will happen?  I'm predicting evangelists to say apocalypse, book of revelation, the rapture, and I'm predicting aetheists to say nothing will happen.  Anndd go!