I've formulated a plan that can begin to resolve several issues affecting the U.S -- including immigration, defective and contaminated Chinese merchandise, loss of U.S. jobs, oil issues and a host of others that are quite necssarily related.

I've submitted my ideas to Obama as far back as July 2007, I've spread it all around the internet on forums etc.    It seems so very simple, one wonders why it's not being addressed.  Oh I have my suspicions about why it's not being addressed, but aside from that it offers real possibilities.   I'd like to see my proposal receive more mainstream  attention, because it can and should work.

I tend to believe that many solutions to various problems are intentionally ignored, because of hidden agendas.  However I find the only responsible thing for me to do is to function as if this were not the case -- otherwise hope would be lost and nothing would ever begin to change for the better. 

I evaluate most issues according to a more logical approach than what one usually sees in the media, in debates and elsewhere.  I find it easy to imagine solutions and the details involved in those solutions. 

My biggest peeve is this:  We continue to discuss most issues based on SYMPTOMS and not taking into consideration the CAUSES.   I feel that when we start addressing issues according to a more productive and remedial mindset,  viable solutions can be put to work.

Anyone else out there with creative solutionsand interested in sharing such, I'd like to hear your thoughts.  What innovative ways can we approach various issues that can lead to actual progress?