My world only had you, really have you.

Online games I am not playing many, SOF is my favorite one, so I spent a lot of Scions of Fate gold in the game. In the SOF, I have known you, a walk in which staff are very good boy. Although we have never screen on the line, but I still feel good.

  We recognize the process is also interesting, but I do not want to say in here, I think it only we two people know. After understand you, I am fonder of playing this game, and perhaps it is the reason that I would like to play with you. And between us together not make sparks, but those looking for me as their wife of the people, I categorically refused, because I just want to play with you, although you have no much SOF gold. But we finally due to various reasons, we all left the game. But those with you on the days I will always remember, because I am very happy.

  For a long time, we are playing on this game again; in here you become my husband. I played games with you, I felt really very relax; I do not have to worry about what thing. You busy to team up, I wait silly in here. You busy preparing the equipment that you bought SOF gold to change to me; I am just waiting for the wear.

In the city, you will also have to remind me if I took enough blue. Out the city, every time you always took me run and took me earn Scions of Fate money. Because in the game I am almost a idiot. Since know you, you have been running with me, so lost you I am almost lost everything, even you prepared the map for me, I do not have access to, because I simply do not see understand the map of the game. Who believe a quick 50 levels even do not recognize the doctors road, but this is true. On the line every time, I will find you at first, of you are not in the game, I do not want to upgrade and earn cheap SOF gold. A person walk chaos in the SOF, I do not know what to do, may be my dependent is too strong, I have never thought that one day you in my world disappear, how I do. However, I am really so afraid of the day that you really left me, but I also know that certainly there such a day. After all, I was in your virtual world; you are also in my virtual world. I almost have no friends in SOF, because I am poor conversation. So I have to team up in general do not speak, and only when you play with my word s is the largest, but we will only be limited to between the two, so I only have you.