I'm inclined to agree with Mr. de Grey's thought process here, yet what do we do about it? As certain people may be seen as, or even believe unto their selves, they are "coasting" through life, I believe it is because they, and/or all of us, have not been correctly/completely taught how to observe, interpret and conduct our life (based on the prior two items).

"Connecting-to-the-Value-of-Why" 2005-2008 © is my development of how to take one's experience, capabilities and knowledge and assure all is increasingly working in our, and those we associate with, favor. All without adding stress or discounting what we already do or believe we are comfortable with. 

"Connect-to-Value" teaches one how to determine what may be incomplete in their actions and desires, causing expected results to not be realized (a "hard pill" for many to "swallow"), and fills in these "missing components." In turn, your ratio-of-agreements (results, accomplishments, etc.) increase exponentially, personally and professionally.