Mabinogi in the exciting world, I experience a feeling of flying! Fly in the sky, free! Lovely screen, there are small Wizard! Said that the world’s largest birds, it must be an ostrich-a-few. With the arrival of the new version, despite the cool summer prairie wind, strong powerful follow the pace of arrests pet ostrich may have to be to our side. The mainland, as the local ostrich traditional modes of transport can also carry travelers to a fixed destination, was the image of players jokingly called “the bus?” But with the arrival of the giant family, ordinary small ostrich apparently unable to bear their weight, their favorite players more often as they can not travel as a tool for long-term are deplorable. And in this update, the portly pet ostrich to be strong and lively enter, submissive lovely they will bring us how extraordinary the experience? Warm campfire edge, that little black stars of the day; is a busy day of the new part-time. With a goods mabinogi gold, first came to the grocery store in front of Ottawa and special, and he said to me later time come back to patronize his store, watching his thin face, and reached the only pocket 1 money, the relentless heart, or do not buy today mother-in-law’s delicious breakfast. Speed of 100 meters to the food store, the kind of chaos suddenly the steal things, but watching mother-in-law kind of face; bite another two points to finish first. mother-in-law to get the sale of the remaining crumbs, I swear one day will repay the kindness of the old woman, head on afternoon sun suffocating, arrived in bookstores in front of cute girls Leila , The entire people have been quick to the collapse of the pole tired, I asked why she would also like to Stuart Te will stroll to the shops to see her Leila watched the innocent smiles, heavy and the pace is a two frontline , Took her to the point in the poor, not angry to extend the middle finger days, the next part-time because there are still on the other side of the square. Therefore, only cheap mabinogi! Towing tired body to the southeastern city of weapons stores, as a group and I are begging for the orphans within the Cheryl part-time to give them a little bit of money, clothing at me not like the poor, she actually asked me to want to buy things that did not take enough money in the sense of not about to disappear the moment, I support what is the end of this damned two frontline whole body has only the feeling of prostration , The lights the streets of I step forward, God guide me forward, the town church nuns, I also hope for the suffering of her people some relief subsistence fruit points. Came to the front of the nuns, Hung servant servant’s face reminds me once infants charming opening nuns mabinogi money can be more certain, but she points outside the city said to me, time is running short, can no longer fast ? Exhausted all their strength, I believe God Min ordinary people of faith, finish the first day of the last two points, full of hope that the return to the front TU why her experience is not only to give money I would like to buy mabinogi gold, but not to me! Completed the day tired of life, the whole Dumbarton has been little rhyme, reminiscent of their entire childhood suffering; tears have been unable to curb his face. Angry questioned the invisible God, why these worlds do not know all the acceptability of money only. Beside her with a knife running across a group of kids face, repeatedly said the shearing tomorrow morning to send more treatment and earn more money, no way, can only go mabinogi online gold! God we have long been forgotten Why we are still begging for his whole world has a dark look at the real face each other unclear, but the rise of loneliness and look up to the lonely days.