Tomorrow is my sister birthday; I was considering what gifts I should buy to give her. At first I want to buy her some tools or beautiful clothes or some foods. But I worried she will love it though she is just five years old, she is very clever and if she does not like it. She will not accept it. So I decide to ask her what she really wants.

The next day, I go to his home to ask her what she wants me to buy to her for her birthday. She says she wants to get some silkroad gold; I do not catch her words, because I do not understand what she says. Then she says it is a game gold which can use to play the game silkroad. I hesitate to his requirements, because she is still a child, if I buy her some game gold, her parents will blame me for buying her it. But she requires for it. Then she says other children all have a lot of the game gold except her. I see she is so lamentable so I decide to buy cheap silkroad gold as a birthday gift for her. She is so glad when I agree with her. But I tell her do not tell her parents what I have bought for her. She nods her head with a smile. Then we go to a shop which she leads to me that sells the game gold. I buy her for two hundred. She is excited when I have bought her so much sro gold. She says she will not need to buy it within a year. Seeing her smile on his face, I feel satisfied. At last I send her to home.

When her birthday comes, I go to her home. She is so passionate to me when my aunt sees me surprise because she does not see my gifts. Then my younger brother go to her say that I have bought her some gifts two days ago. After that, we go upstairs. She tells me something about the game. Also she tells me how to use the silkroad online gold. I feel shocked by her action because what she knows are more than me. In order to learn something from him, I let her to tell me something, I say to her that if I have learned to play it, I will buy some silk road gold to play with her.

The most amazing thing is that she is a girl, why she still like the game always played by boys.