Although many people say that culture is an enjoyable thing in the world, are humans ready to get rid of it? Of course we are always going to have a slight bit of culture, but we need to realize the age we are living in. We have the technology to explore space. It seems like culture is keeping us from enjoying the human experience to the fullest. First, lets identify culture for what it is. Culture becomes apparent when a civilization grows different from another. For example, in Tibet, people wear different clothes than people in Germany because of different climates, and surroundings. These are 2 different cultures. Now, lets say in 100 years, we get rid of culture. We could do this by funding poor countries with all that US money that goes into warfare, and after 100 years, the culture of the world is almost the same. In this process, we have eliminated much war, along with enhancing 3rd world countries. With all of this positivity, what is bad about removing culture from the human race? I can also see the culture of Earth decrease gradually, but not for the goal of removing it. Remember, even if we got rid of culture, that doesn't mean we can't keep appreciating it. If anyone cares to respond, please tell me what would be bad about this process of removing culture? -Arcanine