when you think about the differences between the different religions are you keeping the true spirit of religion intact as the creators planned it? to magnify the descrepencies by many MAJOR religions to the point of war, death, violence, genocide, or any feelings of hatred is the direct result of a bunch of underdeveloped minds being tricked into leading a mass of likeminded lackies for the benefit of higher world order.the simple fact that  :::: if one religion claims one opinion to be true, in direct contrast to another religion's claim who also believes theirs is the absolute truth....ONE RELIGION WILL NOT BE ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL.::::::  goes to show that religion will lose ground to the modern thinkers, who will fight for one set of morals, not doctrine of life.and there are people who devote their entire lives to serving under thousands of different religions, many in direct contrast to the others. its human ignorance under the same conditions that creates the stubborn, the killers.and atheism has no social virtues to show for itself. basically atheism is the start of a new war of what is "really true" about life and thats not what it should be about. you cannot state that there is no god conclusively, its going down the wrong road trying to tell me i dont have a creator. to answer my own question, i don't believe either should exist anymore. i think forward thought will be the only savior to a world so wrapped in hatred, and to have any boundaries without reason is only a hinderance to thought progress.