Even though I have not played the game for a long time, but I still remember him and love him. I often remembered that once we are very native, once we are so excited in the game line, once the adventure gives us the happy. Now we only be used once recalled the adventure to Festivals. I like to earn the Sho Online Mun with him together and we will play the game together. So I like the game very much and now I still remember that once happened in the game.

I still remember the situation when we meet in the game each other. I remember that even when the first I go to plat the game, I was very happy. But to my surprise, when I was in the game, I still wanted to play alone, especially I wanted to have as much Sho Mun as I can, I considered playing the game with my friends and I won a lot of gold. The first body hit agile, and change my cloth with my friends. I always remember him and I love him very much, I want to play the game with him together forever and do everything together.

At that time, all of us take the gun to beat with the magic. I like to kill the monsters with him and I want to get more and more Sho Online gold to give him. Once I set the alarm at night, in order to when play the game we do not spend money on the props. So it can reduce money to buy them. But I often feel very happy, so I will not go to sleep. Only I go to the game and find him he is playing the game with other players, I am very sad.

When the game no longer to be played, I hope that I will remember the beauty of the adventures and I will not forget forever. But the Sho gold in the game I will remember a lot than others, because I have the money that I can buy a lot of things what I want to buy.

When we are old we will still remember the game that we once played it and we all love it very much. I still remember him and I love him very much, I want to tell him I still want to meet him. In the game we often go to buy Sho Online gold together and even now I do not play the game. I do not know where he is and I really want to meet again.