When most people hear the word “church,” the general image which flashes through the mind is a building with pretty glass windows and a steeple. It was never intended to be that way, however. The church was originally meant to be people, with one common belief (the Gospel), spread out through the world, living to be servants of others. What happened to the original design of the church? How much change can a Christian bring about from the pew on Sunday morning? I’m not saying the congregational churches are bad things. Rather, I believe they are a necessary environment for a growing Christian. However, we have started to limit the church’s work to 9AM through 12 PM on Sundays. After that, the pastor, and church staff are responsible for being the church, until 9 AM the next Sunday. My thought is that we bust through the pretty stained glass and start living our lives as the church, every day of the week, morning noon and night. We should not “hide” in a pretty building. The world is on to our fake lives, and does not, for one second, believe our lives are as pretty as we pretend. Rather than encouraging people to consider our faith, our masquerade frustrates them to a point where they don’t care what we have to say, Christianity is simply unappealing, because of all the lies. I think it’s time to stop trying to pretty and perfect, and show the world what’s real.