For office workers, every day, repeating the same, boring work, little income. After work are recreating the housework, with children, internet chat and see movies, playing small games. Life will inevitable become too monotonous and boring, and even a bit empty. Two years ago, under friend guidance, I began to contact with Rohan. The results I found this game interface is not bad, the images of many characteristics, there are good chat function, and then I immediately recommend to the office of the colleagues, we will soon enter the role of a few people.

Over the past two years, we have a few people follow the company spent hundreds of days and nights, we had tried everything under the game. We have been infatuated with, too crazy, too distressed, or even sad too.

In the beginning, we felt that the game is too much confusion, too many functions. We did not want to buy Rohan gold, so we would go all out of lane 15 following the seizure of the trumpet to Rohan Crone charge small cards. Sometimes take the initiative to increase the event of a master us, and we into the team, we also know that they want to take us upgrade, in fact, anyone who know our difficulties. Soon it open a free zone, I and my friends were very happy, we can finally go all out to upgrade. We would like to have some equipment, so we buy Rohan online gold, but we do not how much money, so we had to go all out fighting and sell. Spent a few months, we have some equipment, the results were stolen by others people. We understand that the mountain of mountains, house have a house the truth. Some adults also like the children will be criticized and denounced as wide open. This is not the most gas, the swindler before people feel bad sleep. The trick is indeed clever; we have nothing to the deception, cheating us really want to give them kowtow, after all, it is our half year effort.

To this end, we often use idle time meeting, study stunting of various tasks in the game. We also study crook who hoax, research methods of find equipment and cheap Rohan Crone. It started as a meeting of CPC Central committee Political Bureau, a special formulation of the disciplinary system to play. Office female colleagues criticize us crazy. Home to see my wife fainted, to a lot of forms has not stopped, to a lot of forms has not stopped, the results ended up in failure.

We in the game epiphany this reason, the game is empty, life is empty, not too much though to , if everyone can take a step back, then the sky must be a broader, more harmonious living will. We also recognize a lot of real friends. We grow a lot of knowledge. Game of life is the game of the life, life is the game. I hope that friends understand this truth as soon as possible, to do the game no longer slaves. I hope everyone can happy in the game.