Think about this and let me know what everyone thinks...

I am sure that some of you who have taken a philosophy class have heard this example used before.  

If I throw a marker at a wall your senses are going to perceive that the marker hit the wall.  But the question is, did it really hit the wall?  Logic tells us that it is impossible for the marker to hit the wall for this reason.

In order for the marker to hit the wall it first has to travel halfway, say the marker is 10ft away from the wall, it first has to go 5 feet, it then has to go 2.5 feet then 1.25 feet, then .625 feet, and so on.  This continues to happen an infinte number of times because distance can always be divided in half.  Your senses tell you the marker hit the wall, but your logic and your brain tell you that it is impossibe.  Does the marker really ever hit the wall or is it just something that your senses have incorrectly perceived?