A circle job has exhausted my energy when I got home I have rinsed a tepid bath ,than I went to the computer ,log on the game ,I have play this game for about two years ,but I still play it and I love this game very much .In my mind I think the game and the reality are the same ,in the real world the rich people have the advantage over the poor man ,is like the game world ,in the game ,if you have much fiesta gold ,you are the rich man and your game level is high beyond the new player level ,and you can have a large of fiesta money ,in the real world if you have you much money you can buy anything you want ,also as in the game world ,if you have much fiesta online gold ,you can buy anything to make your equipments better and buy any other things the game need ,if you have high –level equipment ,you can make yourself richer and richer ,more strength and more power than other players ,so you can earn other players fiesta gold ,so by this way ,you can not buy fiesta gold use the money of yourself .As far as you play the game you will find it is so interesting ,in this game you can find the liberty and which you can not find in the reality world ,in this world you can find your other side ,which you have trouble in the world but in this place you only felt funny and relax yourself freely .Now ,if you practiced the level be quickly enough ,you also will enlarge the player distance ,and the fiesta online money which divided two social classes crowds. The higher you played ,the more pleasure you found ,and you will love this game ,for you can play it by your ideas ,which way you want to play you can choose you like way to play . This is the liberty you can not found in the reality life .If you are a skilled player ,and you have much experience in this game ,you will more freely ,and when you share your experience you will find other life style in the game world ,and this was not found in the social world .In the game word you can imagine yourself as anyone you want yourself to be .