I am part of the NetAlter team which proposes to develop a solution that would address the various issues being faced by users of computers and Internet. The NetAlter system proposes to develop applications that would offer platform independent secured P2P technology that would result in the formation of a global network fostering collaboration and commerce.

The NetAlter solution also aims to provide end users user friendly, low cost solutions that they can access from any location and computing device. At the same time offering very high level of security, privacy and personalization.

One such solution being developed is the "NetAlter P2P Browser" which will offer integrated communication, computing and collaboration software modules and services.

Once successfully deployed, this solution could offer an alternative to present Internet.

The NetAlter Browser will offer end users an option to participate in the NetAlter GRID which is based on the concept of Democratic GRID computing. As per this concept, users who contribute to the GRID will get a proportionate amount of GRID processing power which they can use themselves or lease out to others.