An evolving spirituality….an expansive and inclusive post-postmodern secular spirituality that continuously evolves and is both a creation of and a response to our place on the continuum of life. For transition communities this may include a wider view of sustainability that both engages the aspiration and practice of care for both planet and community while having the audacity to take the risk of prototyping something new. A place where we can look back on, cherish and learn from both the insights and challenges from our collective religious traditions while being both mindful of presence – here and now and engaging in the work/joy of co-creating a collective vision for  the future.

How can we do this?

Well you may have already guessed, - by having the agility to dance on a pinhead and the desire to move beyond the narcissism of ego.


by contextualising the wisdom of the past and having the courage to dare to transpose new language and new processes to old dogma and societal rituals that have lost their meaning.

Who determines what is meaningful?  

We all do - and that requires an uncommon wisdom that’s about accountability and personal leadership. A mindset that understands what’s good for me is good for the body of the whole and vice versa - a mindset that realises that playing the victim just won’t attract the energy we will need for this journey.