Maybe, because the New Year is coming, there are a lot of new TV programs broadcast on several popular channels. Of course, this kind of behavior is accepted by people including me. As for me, I prefer some program with colorful plot and one of them is called Blue File has attracted my interest. This plot of Blue File is said something about a blue file that is left by the Japan in the war. In order to get the file, a lot of people have lost their lives. In my memory, a woman named Jeanne is one of them and I envy her very much because she is very clever to finish every task by herself.

After watching this program, I remind that similar plot appears in the net game with the wow gold to enter into the unreal world. So as to satisfy my sense of that character, I begin to name the character of the game as blue woman and hope that I can attain the same feeling from the program. To my surprise, it is very difficult for me to do the tasks assigned by the system of the game. But I do not plan to give up my thinking and insist on doing more exercises by making full use of the World of Warcraft Gold. After several months, I come across a boy in the game and share my idea with him. On hearing my idea, he shows that he would like to do me a favor. Therefore, he sends lots of warcraft gold to my account and tells me how to do tasks in the dangerous surroundings. Under his help, I make a great progress in the game and know that how to save the cheap wow gold to complete the tasks.

Moreover, it does not take so long time to upgrade the level of my character in the game and his behavior lets me remind that his role is also similar to the man in the Blue File who often tries his best to protect the woman.

Since he helps me to complete my idea, I find that I will not leave him any more because he usually does me a favor in time when I need him at that time. Besides, he is willing to buy wow gold for me but not tell me so that I am moved to marry him some day.