While talking about some of the feelings that people have across the country about secession; a theme and camps seamed to develop; and someone stated openly,

' Deviancy is a difference that is morally repugnant to the majority. It really has no inherent value in itself.'

The following is my reply;

We All are contradictory in nature; on one hand we desire "normality" and at the same time we like "novelty". We shape ourselves to fit into our societies, and when the society is too repressive/oppressive, we push and pull at the boundaries of "acceptable" behavior (appearance, etc). This is the 'creative contradiction'.

"That man (or woman) is a creature that needs order yet yearns for change is the creative contradiction at the heart of the laws which structure his (or her) conformity and define his (or her) deviancy" - Freda Adler

There are many theories regarding deviancy. Not just "formal" and "informal". There is also a very basic statistical deviancy. Being physically deformed is a type of "deviancy" in that it deviates from the "norm", but we don't often think of it in terms of "deviancy"; although the physically deformed are often treated the same as a "behavioral deviant". There is also "antagonistic" deviancy, where the social norms are "wrong" or too narrow; the Stonewall Riots are a good example of "antagonistic deviancy".

"Labeling theory" is the idea that once society "labels" a type of behavior or a person as deviant, individuals identify with the label and it becomes a "self-fulfilling prophecy". There is also a Marxist social control theory; which states that the "dominant culture" uses the stigma of deviancy to stay in power. "Differential association" places the origin of deviancy with association; that the friends we have around us are what stimulate the desire for deviancy; "peer pressure", "learned behavior" etc.

Primal is change, completely and unfortunately suppressed by civilization.

Deviancy is a purposeful act of rebellion to stretch the boundaries of "social norms".

Many of us are creative yet not informal nor informal deviants.

Creativity is the foundation of change and is what makes the world a better place to live. If it weren't for creative people, we would still be living in caves. Humans are always looking for ways to make things simpler, easier and more comfortable; as we all heard this saying: necessity is the mother of all invention. Creativity is part of all nature, it's secrets make us a cut above other animals.

The "dominant culture" uses the stigma of deviancy to stay in power. I think our academic (and I suppose religious....heck thats where true psychology started) institutions have defined deviancy and it is here to stay.

  Are 'we' to accept that change can be held back with a 'label'?