At this moment, Tears filled in my line of sight.

  I do not know whether you still remember our initial start, it had the feeling of childhood, with the passage of time, RS in the beginning we gradually grow up. We begin to buy runescape, buy good equipment. We learned how to find the game fun, and I also began to learn how to protect you.   The accumulated bit by bit; it is not an easy thing. Every day you accompany the game has become dependent on. Every day, we played, upgraded and earned rs gold together. It seems become a habit. Leave is a problem that I would not like to think, but now I have to learn how to face. Because I too care about you, any person, any person around the word said me; I do not care about because I as long as want to you believe, I will be able to continue strong. But all this happened too suddenly! Too suddenly!  I remembered you on the Q to the words that took you upgraded and fight runescape money. At that time, I had a fever; it seems that I am very excited I have the good of the disease. I was busy taking you on, I forgot to eat. Every day off the assembly line, I always said to you off the line early, not to play too late. All this has become a habit. But now you suddenly disappear, you let me how to accustom the life that has not you.   Perhaps some people will say the game fun is PK, belt, salt the equipment and earn a lot of runescape gold, but I have never for those who may have a keen interest in. But only because of you existence, I feel the game is so fun. Whenever you are not, my heart has never climb from the bottom up.   In RS, our happy never disappeared because what thing. At home every day, I and you computer is the only place to find fun. In busy day, I will felt relax and happy because I can play with you in the RS. Sometimes you even send me some cheap rs gold. I was very happy.   But now, you are not in. do not apologize to me, have me or not have me is not important in fact, the important thing is you must be happy. You for giving me this are the best comfort. I and you in the days of RS, I am really very happy and enrich. In the future although I will not see the silly you in the game, but you still always remain in my heart.