In our reality life is so cure -the competition is more and more strength and the people is not very friendly than before .In the work office between the colleague also be very conspire against each other ,the competition is even be furthermore grave. But once you entered dofus kamas , you will find it is different from the social word and you may discover this place is one place of Arcadia. When you entered the word of kamas , you can breathe you fresh air and know a world is full of joy and funny .But you should have your own dofus gold before you can enter the internet game .This gold is bought in the internet you can button the key words ,then it will appears in front of you .In this game ,you will find the team cooperation spirit is very good ,everybody is so comment that the target marks great efforts together for one goal ,for doing this you can get more cheap kamas from the strength power .But in our reality life ,is not ,even if you working hard and the team cooperation is not bad ,but you can not get what you have pay ,that is too say ,what you have paid than that you can be able to get .This is the most important reason why I love playing games . In this world you can relax yourself which way you chose ,and no person in here would superintend you ,meeting strong constraint about you .When you need you can buy dofus kamas ,of cause there is other way for you get your dofus gold ,that is you should be a skilled player you can earn the gold from other players .As in our social ,if you have power you can have everything you want ,and if you a leader you even can not spend your money buying the things you like ,that is because you are a leader ,your workers who has something asked for you ,he /her would buy the thing you want ,this is the world ,the reality world .But in our game word ,there is not such situation exist ,in here ,only depend yourself ,if you exercise the level every well and played skilled you may get what you want ,the power ,the strength control the world .I think the real life is so bored and so complain ,so I find this way to relax myself and make lots of friends in this game word ,all of my friends are from the different countries ,but we care each other well ,when I have some new playing in the game ,I will tell them ,and they also do the same thing for me ,we are friends ,not care where you come from ! We all find liberty in this way ,I love the game also I love the way which leads to the liberty .