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The following is a synopsis of the argument Richard Cizik VP Government Affairs, National. Assembly of Evangelicals posted. It is a typical Christian fundamentalist argument that also unfortunately contains a hole big enough to drive a truckload of hypocrites through.

 Mr. Cizik attempts to convince a liberal thinking-person's blog that the Bible is a nice green document. That it commands Christians to be good stewards of Mother Earth. Therefore it follows, he suggests, that all Biblical commandments are just as relevant. Before we offer criticism, first allow a summery of Cizik's argument, which is necessary as his post was incomprehensible:


Cizik posted: 'Well I think that the Bible is authoritative. I believe it’s infallible and inerrant in the original (Hebrew Latin and Greek). It is my basis for life and conduct.

 'So that means that since the Bible says that we’re to be stewards of the earth, then we are to be stewards of the earth. Either His Word says this or it doesn’t, and it does.'

 'Therefore we will be held accountable for the shape we give the earth back to Him . . . we have no right either to plunder, or pillage, or destroy it, or allow others to do that in our name.'

 'We will be held accountable by God’s word for all our actions. Because at the end of time, we’ll either be found to be a good Christian steward – “Well done my good and faithful servant,” the Lord will say – or not: “Why didn’t you do that which I commanded you to do?'



 Now if it is true that god commands Christians to be green, and that those who act in the Evangelical Christian name do not 'plunder, or pillage, or destroy,' then Evangelicals have utterly failed.

 The Evangelical movement supported and (still supports) the selection of President G.W. Bush, an administration that in the name of god Christianity and Evangelicalism has wrongfully attacked another nation and caused great suffering of its people and damaged the environment with depleted uranium weapons.

 The Christian Bush administration with the full and cheering support of America's Evangelicals has promoted unfettered capitalism which has raped the earth and her people. Over 20,000 children still die every day from dirty drinking water.  Most folks on this planet attempt to survive on less than $1/day.

 Approaching Climate Change is proof that the conservative approach to business in America -a business philosophy exported around the world- has caused and will cause exceeding destruction upon the earth, yet this same conservative approach prefers DENIAL to STEWARDSHIP.

 Blood and water tests across North America showed ALL SAMPLES to be contaminated with gasoline additives, fire retardants and plasticizers (that new car smell). All recent American sushi samples (tuna) were contaminated with excessive amounts of mercury. Virgin snow falling in the arctic is contaminated with industrial pollutants. Poisoned rain falls from our skys.

 The entire earth is poisoned with our consumption habits and unfettered capitalistic approaches to 'exercise dominion over all living things' with the full philosophical and political support and greed of Evangelical Christian America.

 Again, Evangelicals argue that wealth and prosperity is a reward from god for self-righteousness, yet the Bible is clear that wealth and Christianity don't mix: 'It is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a rope to thread a needle.' Jesus was recorded THREE TIMES commanding believers to 'sell all they own and give the money to the poor;' obviously a social gospel, and not a capitalist one.

 And yet, after being reminded THRICE by their holy prophet, the one they call the Son-of-God, Evangelicals reject these commandments of poverty instead choosing below-the-waist issues that Jesus never spoke about: abortion, sex education, birth control, stem cells, etc.

 If 'God will judge those who destroy the earth,' do you honestly think that Evangelical America will be found innocent and 'good stewards'?

 I think not, hypocrite.