Dawn of time, I have finally written the last word, look around and feel very confused, two of the RF life like a dream, in this dream, have you, have him and have I.

  At first I play RF game because of friends, now I choose to leave, also because friends. I did C soldiers two months; I made a lot of friends, but now, friends have been leaving, why I should also support hard here, watching it a hard truth. Although I was hate to part with RF, although I spent a lot of RF gold in the game.

  On the line every time I do not want to see the black column of friends, I do not want on the line every time, hang around in the regular gatherings of friends, do not want to see is that the once bustling scene has not, on each line, I have in mind to pray, hope that the friends had to come back, how much hope and the old friends talking, I hope we can upgrade and earn RF online gold together again, however, all this is already gone.

  Old friends will not come back, the number of times, my own person, in the past friends gathered around the place. How many times I have come out before the eyes of the scene, we all get together, chat, upgrade, fight BOSS and earn RF money, I tried to seize, but I found that this is only an illusion. How many times the night, I dreamed to the former friend, I dreamed that they are back, full back, we also as usual, we get together, fight monster, chat and also fight RF cp, I hope that my dream no longer in the back, but it can not. How much I want to go back to the past, back to friends in the time, I would prefer not to upgrade, do not fight top the shake odd the endless struggle, only together with you, even if only one day, I also met.

  Perhaps it really should be a sentence, such as the absence of passion, we will separate, and so familiar with everything here, we will choose to leave, even if we spent a lot of cheap RF gold. From the beginning until now, I leave the countless friends, now is the time being friends, but really can not stay a few, watching the names of those black, I hope that they like the QQ that they are stealth. My heat will always be a sense of pain, I do not want in the end only I in here, at that time, I will not know how to face the later life.

  This night, I choose to leave; I only hope my friends can remember me.