I play RF have been a month time, and after one hour it will be open beta. In this one hour I think to write some things, games experience and how to earn rf gold do not have to write, here to much. What I write? I think I can write the most valuable fate friendship of the game.

  I do not say nonsense, and that the point. Regardless of what playing the game, inside if you want to play very good, you must have a group of iron brothers and sisters. Thus you play the game will more fun. If you are a professional game madman, just upgrading and earn rf online gold every day, fighting equipment, wait until the last level you have reached peak, you will find that this game is really boring. You inside have no friends, if you want to speak, you talk to who.

  In fact, the game is a virtual reality community; inside you make some friends can help you to solve many practical problems, they will come to help you when you have difficult, even if you would like to equipment they also will send their rf money to you, although it is less, but it is their regard. Such as people doing things, in games even if you have to high levels or even if you have many rf cp, you can not be too reckless. To be truly human, so you may find that you really have many friends around you, with friends you can experience game’s fun.

  I have many friends in the game; they are relatively iron, and nothing ill help. I think this is very well and I think that there was no need to upgrade, do task and earn cheap rf gold every day inside the game. If this case I feel that I am not playing games, but I am played by the game. Game operator development the game purpose the first is making money, and then they also hope you can find the most precious friends in the virtual world of the game. This game will be in a good environment to grow up and grow. Just imagine if a game was not a gang of a gang of friends. I am sure you will leave the early, because such a game is too boring.

  Finally, I wish to advise you, you must cherish you around friends, perhaps she or he will be more reliable than your reality friends.