The world ! what does it mean for every one of us,money , love , and maybe living for revenge. So, is it fair the revenge ? is it something we should ask for it ? and what about if some one died because of a doctor’s mistake ? is it a forgiven thing, And how could we distinguish , if it was a mistake or it was his time, how could we be sure that this doctor made his best to survive this person, Should the doctor feel guilty ?,Is it fair to live his life as nothing happened,or should think and pannish himself ? Ther are lot of doctors stoped working because of a case of death he was caring to avoid it, so what could we say to those doctors ? turn back or go far ? Is it right to forgive or we should fight and hate ? If we can realize justice, could we find revenge or it will disppear from our instinct ? should we stop it or encourage it ? What is it ?,Is it a instinct really or it is something we create by time ?