..''on each side of the river stood the tree of life,bearing 12 crops of fruit, yeilding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations'' q; could the nations be sovereign ab-origonal tribes? q; could the leaves [for the healing of the nations] be money [thier own AB-origonal currency ,underpinning thier own recovery, from the numerous invaders] [that allows them to form thier own banking system ,allowing those supporting thier recovery to bank thier own money in the sovereigns united nation peoples bank] a banking system that underwrites [by thier inherant [inalianable]sovereign right to the issuence of thier own currency ,credit , financing and insurances [ie twelve fruits rightfully due them as equals [under god]] q could the basis of ab-origonal money be the seed of the tree of life , [on a promise to pay by weight [pounds]in seed from the tree of life][that the 12 fruits [of each month ,could be enumerated , and total 30,000 plus [all based on this seed from the tree of life] well it has [and was done] but they dont have a clue what is being given them [indeed all of us ] q;were we not all ab-origonal to our own lands [at one stage or other of our enjoined histories] , can we not be all said to be alpha/beta-origonal [under our birth right ,just by the fact of our own creation] q;is it not fitting that we [all ] children of the living loving god , be equally endowed by our own creator with a living currency based on a simple bronz seed [the wikiseed/wikigeld] seed from the tree of life in the design of the bush that burnt [yet was not consumed ][indeed the design mosus saw on the mount [ex25;37-40] that gen 2;29 did not god himself say 2;30 indeed as jesus read from the torah ''set my people free'' ,end this war on the people of the plant is it not time to become as one for the only one? no blame no shame are we not all given to live by gods own will, who living was not given thier gift ofr life from the one living loving grace [most mercyfull] god? with each having thier fair share ,in life and living indeed having thier own currency