Deeply rooted beliefs about medicine are being disrupted, from genetically-personalized medicine to the way doctors interact with their patients using information technology.

Rethinking medicine was the subject of a panel moderated by Tom Stewart at The Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas that took place on the island from September 30 to October 2. Stewart is the Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer of the global management consulting firm Booz & Company, and he pressed a panel of medical innovators and experts on how disruptive technologies are changing medicine as we know it, and how we must rethink policy in order to catch up with innovation.

The experts on this panel included innovators such as the biologist and entrepreneur Craig Venter, the inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen, X Prize Foundation Founder Peter Diamandis, along with doctors Jay Parkinson, aka “Doctor of the Future," and Dr. Mark Hyman, an advocate of so-called "functional medicine."

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