No Mr.Romney, I believe you would view Americans invading your country much in the same way you view illegal Mexican immigrants invading your country: with disdain and outright hatred. Only this hatred would be a bit more intense, wouldn't it Mr.Romney? Because the interlopers wouldn't be there to trim your hedges. They, instead would overthrow your government. They would destabilize your country. Blow up your neighbor's house and shoot your brother down in the street. No Mr. Romney, if you were an Iraqi citizen, you yourself would be forced to seek refuge in another country to escape sectarian bloodshed, perhaps even illegally. And then you would be no better than those Mexicans you so despise. Are you that callous sir? Are your convictions so weak and self-serving that if they don't fit your needs immediately, they can be cast aside like 200,000 American and Iraqi lives? From your comment and many others in your spineless, amorphous past, this is evidently the case. This nation has lived through seven years of rule from a cowardly liar, and it cannot survive another five.