Religion seems to appeal to a very deep human need, to feel to be in control of your own destiny. Even religions that have constructed paradoxical deities.. ones that cannot logically allow humans to have free will, will invoke their traditional 'get out of jail free' card by insisting that they do have free will so as to feel some control in what would otherwise be a dialogue with a celestial fascist. Rats in experiments when placed in cages and given electric shocks were divided into a group that had no control over when the shocks were administered, and one that did... even though the amount of shocks they were given were the same, the ones that had the ability to control the timings exhibited less stress and symptoms such as stomach ulcers. The rats that had the illusion of control enjoyed a health benefit. Maybe religion functions in the same way? The faithful delude themselves they have some control over their destiny, even outside of this mortal coil.... but at what cost?