What comes to your mind when you hear the word "missionary"? For most of us, it represents one who goes overseas and starts or helps in a ministry. These people are definitely needed. But what many American Christians do not realize is that there are plenty of opportunities for someone to give the gospel to those we see at work every day-our neighbors and many others at a variety of places. It seems that many Christians do not have much of a concern for these types of people, the ones in our own backyard who we have contact with frequently. These people need to be reached with the gospel. I think that because these types of people aren't reached is why our society is turned away from God. Maybe Christians could reevaluate their strategy in missions and spend more time sharing the gospel to our own culture and maybe even the nearest urban environment, which are places that tend to be the most godless. If the ones who we know are reached with the gospel, maybe our backyard will be strong enough to reach other places farther away.