A funny realisation came to me that Americans are rather an insulated lot .The high pedestal they have been sitting on has blocked their view of the world and their relative insulation is borne out by the way the world media and internet are America-obsessed.People in America seem to believe that beyond their borders lie savage lands who are marginal people with no contribution to the evolution of human thought. There are other lands ,other people who also live in the same planet and it is not always that America can adopt a high and mighty air  and pretend to be deciding the future of mankind .This way America has for a long time gained in self-importance but has lost in terms of joining the fraternity of other peoples ,other cultures and the mainstream of human life.The loss is not just the world's but  America's. The leaders of a new America will necessarly have to work towards America shedding its image of a super power,of a super bully.