Maybe. If we don't allow the fools in our midst to bring us all to the brink of extinction.  But, as for Time Travel into the Past, I think it has been agreed upon by any scientists who even talk about it as possible, that you wouldn't be able to go back to a time before your machine became operational. If this is the harsh reality, then time travel may only be a way to escape from disaster on a planet-wide scale into a past before said disasters. Which, of course, would still be quite useful, but as a research tool into the past, not so much.

I really like watching Doctor Who, especially the newest ones from 2005 on. Most are masterpieces in their own right, for emotionally involving the viewers, not just fascinating them with gee-whiz special FX and sci-fi gadgetry. The stories are very engaging, even if they are very British centered. But the Tardis is very ancient indeed, according to Doctor Who lore, so old as to go back to before the Earth itself formed and not violating the above rules.

But, fantasy is fantasy. Best we can hope for right now, tho. I'm sure most of us would agree, mankind has NOT matured enough to be responsible with anything as powerful as Time Travel, anyway.