Hate might be a bit strong - I think each generation deals with the cards it is handed, the new ones and the ones passed to them by previous generations. Many (perhaps most) of our current problems have some historical basis that could be blamed on another generation (global climate change, or middle east conflict, for example). Even so, we can opt to claim ownership of these problems and try to tackle them now. Future generations may have plenty to resent, but I expect they too will recognize that assigning blame only gets us so far (and focusing on the past may be unhelpful). What will our legacy be? I think there are three kinds of problem we can leave behind. We will probably be forgiven for the things we didn't know, for problems we failed to recognize. Then there are the problems we knew about and ignored (squandered resources, extinctions) and those that we actively created (a 'global war on terror'). My suggestion:: try leaving the world a better place than when we arrived.