Although proponents of Creationism and Intelligent Design have been taught correct answers for the debates of old (see example below), they contend that nature is too complicated to understand, interpret or explain; therefore, a supernatural entity must be at the cause of our existence rather than evolution through natural selection. Evolution is real and observable within the human species. There was a time when mating habits were based solely in strength and survival – this is natural selection. With the advances in technology and understanding, the human race has “settled” into a shape. Medical and genetic practices seek to eliminate mutation and extend life – this is an artificial means of thwarting natural selection. In these unsure times of disease, war, poverty and ignorance, we must be proactive in our search for answers and understanding rather than cowering under the blanket of religion and blind faith in order to ignore the need for scientific advancement, logic and reason. While social and scientific threads have often become interwoven, we must not allow religion to halt the advancement of science and growth of intelligence. While religion may be one answer to some of the social problems of the day, only science has empirical evidence, testability, rationality and logic on its side. Examples of Advancements in Science and Understanding: - The Earth is not square and is not at the center of the physical universe. - The Sun is not Apollo's chariot. - Maggots are not creations of spontaneous generation, but rather flies’ eggs. - The sky is blue due to the behavior of light waves in Earth’s atmosphere. - The Nile River floods annually due to upstream rainfall and snowmelt.