I would ask some of our most engaged and inspiring living philosophers--several come to mind: Charles Taylor, Martha Nussbaum, Robert Audi, Alisdair MacIntyre, among others--why Americans continue to emphasize in our public schools dumbed-down vocational programs and sports at the expense of curricula that truly challenges and inspires cultural awareness of our youth: the fine arts, philosophy, foreign languages, comparative religion, civics, literature, history, and geography? Aside from mediocre pedagogy, which plagues so many public school children, why is there such reticence (or dogged resistance) among so many Americans to such stimulating curricula? Of course, not all public schools are like this--there are great magnet programs out there, or a few oases of rigorous cultural education that emphasize critical thinking, cultural literacy, and international awareness. But on the whole, I'm so often disappointed at the willingness to be satisfied with job prep or infotainment.