I have grown in this existence to listen. This is the crux for any and all professional and personal interaction.
True listening eventually provides all knowledge for consideration.
This is beyond claiming or potentially being a "good listener"
This is the 'why' not understood, before the reactionary problems, our world community encounters.
Listening can be auditory and/or transitional from other input sources, i.e., visual reading is transferred to one's mind-voice for interpretation.
Even a hearing or sight disabled individual has a mindful voice in whatever 'language' they uniquely come to understand. A 'language,' it is estimated, no one else can or may know.
So, I mean to be a listener, a continual absorber of information/knowledge. Base on this, I strive to prevent problems vs. having to overcome them. I work to "not start part way in" based on MY experience, MY (incomplete) knowledge, MY (biased)opinions, instead start from a true beginning with each individual/situation encountered. Creating an increased ratio for agreement, due to the increased ratio of understanding is the answer to all we conflict over.
Copyright: Connecting-To-The-Value-of-Why
Whitman Moore