We don't have to go anywhere to find inspiration, it comes to us! All the time. It comes from people, places, sights, sounds and happenings around us everyday. It comes from watching extraordinary achievements and successes such as Google. It also comes from within our selves - our own desires, dreams and imagination. We think of many creative ideas, which seem perfectly plausible, and if tried, may even work out. I see the problem is not the lack of inspiration, but the courage to act on it. Right on the heels of a good idea comes the paralyzing fear and doubt that prevents action. Some inspirational messages address just such situations as well such as Nike's, "Just Do It!" I just saw another one from IBM yesterday, "Stop Talking, Start Doing!" Inspiration flows in with the rustle of wind during a quite walk in the woods, on busy fifth ave, or listening to the ocean waves at twilight. We need to learn how not to waste 'inspiration' when it comes, and work on its promise.