I believe Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the most brave and intelligent voices in the world today.  I believe, however, that war should be the very last option in fighting fundamentalism

 More valuable than this video is a response Ali gave earlier this year to a question about how we can convince a zealous person to turn away from fundamentalism.  Her scratched the surface of an even greater tool for fighting extremism:  cognitive dissonance.

  One of the most urgent needs of our society is a factory of ideas--poignant and beautiful ideas that are irreconcilable with fundamentalism.  It takes an ocean of such things to stir turmoil within the extremists mind....to chip away at those beliefs from within.

  We need such a battle in our own country as well as in the Muslim world.  However, in nations where ideas are often met with violence, riots, and murder. how can we create this dissonance?  How can America, a land where too many people believe the planet is 10,000 years old, grow to become an exporter of reason?