Because of the world we live in it is very difficult to go about life and decide what is really you.  There are people that see themself as the creator and see others as other finite versions of the infinite, their other-selves you would say.  And there are people that see themselves as the creator and don't aknowledge others as the creator as well.  That is ok because even though you fail to aknowledge other-selves as the creator you are still potential of having the infinite personalites yourself as well so you are still on the same playing field.  And there are people that just don't know what to do.

So your "morality" just depends on what kind of person you are.  The person that see's their other-selves as their equal have unconditional love towards each other, the person that does not see others as their equal and doesn't even aknowledge them as a creator takes advantage of others and is very selfish.  And the people that don't see themselves as the creator just go about life making whatever choice they wish in a manner that is really leading nowhere, but hopefully they will some day realize that they are already wearing the crown.

I hope my knowledge has helped you my friend, love and light.