For me inspiration always comes from a place where nothing’s right, from below the surface and assumptions of everyday life. It emerges from a mess of impressions of wrongness. Inspiration comes when I get out of my own way. I used to be inspired at the end of the mess when I had something to clear to say. Now I’m inspired by the mess. Because I know something’s coming. I feed the chaos. I read more randomly. I talk with my friends. I let it go crazy. Then, one day, I wake, and it all makes sense. I have a new way of revealing it or explaining it. Then I write. Until something doesn’t make sense again. I am inspired to nurture inspiration. I know that a small act can make all the difference. A few words can change a life. A changed life changes other lives. I am inspired because I am connected to every person in the world by fewer than five people. I am inspired because there are so many ways to so many possible, very good ends. I am inspired by the enormous creativity of humanity. I am inspired by this question!