Calvin Trillin's response is, as usual, amusing. Also wrong. What propels the best of our journalists is the notion that their writing will have an impact. And the history of American journalism demonstrates that while it has regularly committed all of the wrongs that continue to this day -- bias, self-interest, superficiality, cowardice and laziness -- it also has exerted immense impact for good. For the evidence, read Judith and William Serrin's introduction to their 2002 book, "The Muckrakers: The Journalism That Changed America." Let me furnish an excerpt: "The chance to make a difference has historically been, and continues to be, one of the attractions that draws people into journalism..All good journalists have agendas. They wish to put the crooked sheriff in jail. They wish to unveil the patent medicine fraud. They wish to free the innocent man from jail...The driving force of unobjectivity is not mentioned in journalism schools or newsrooms but it is the truth."