It would serve us all well, to re-emphasis and establish a renewed respect for the immigration that formed and forms what is labeled as America. As other 'thinkers' have stated, being known as an American is as prideful as when we define ourselves by religion, race, gender, neighborhood, political affiliation and pride leads to potential for conflict.

In actuality, every country in the world has been formed by immigration at sometime in it's history. Each land area at one time devoid of human population until human migration/immigration made its way across new territory.

America can only be defined and an American be known when ALL facts of our history are known and understood. Not selective, not edited, but the whole enchilada, kebab, cannoli, kielbasa/klobasa, shakshooka, gizzada, mochi, colcannon, ensalada, porkolt, relleno, moussaka, akara, baursaki, chap ch'ae, tabbouleh, frijole, mescouta, picarone, sharlotka, tabbouleh, empanda/empada, pavlova, cassava, bannock, katenga, fromage, tapa, kotbulla, kutya, toad-in-the-hole, hush puppy, spring roll, or a bag-of-chips. for your reference