I believe that educators must integrate techology into the classroom. Students today have never known a low-tech world and so it would be unwise and quite frankly a waste of time trying to take a back-to-basics approach to education. Today's 'basics' involve technology. I believe this one laptop per child initiative is a positive step in ensuring that every child has access to and learns the skills necessary to navigate, manage, and respond to the technology they face in the real world. That being said, there is another component necessary for this project to be successful, and that is the educators themselves. More senior educators--including policy makers and school boards may still need to be convinced that technology is more than a distraction and a nuisance, but a necessary set of tools needed to provide the most current and appropriate environment for learning to take place. Perhaps most importantly though, educators themselves need to be given the resources to upgrade their training in order to best learn how to integrate and manage technology in their classrooms. If the additional resources that teachers need are not taken into consideration, laptops will be nothing more than electronic babysitters, or worse, exposing our children to dangers and experiences they are not yet ready to understand.