I truly love the concept of the 'big picture'. But in this climate of 'spam filters' it isn't reaching enough of those who need to see it. I would love to say, for a forum such as this: the hell with spam filters - get people out there who don't necessarily have the 'contribute' meme active get this forum put before them.

Yes, I'm what might be considered an 'overactive' contributor. And I challenge anyone within this forum who have already contributed to say to their friends: "Dig in. We want to have a say in the world. There are already major people who have had some input here. Is it not possible for those here to not only have a contribution in the world but are willing to share it publicly?"

Perhaps I am overestimating the ability for this forum to have a real effect. Perhaps I am waisting time better served to my own work. For some reason, that I don't quite understand, I don't think so.  I suppose part of that *un-understood* reason is the same effect I get when I mentor or advise someone I see of having promise.

And I *do* contribute locally - as either a mentor, a gadfly to my artistic friends, or a personal contributor. I don't live in this forum as a vacuous intellectual misanthrope. All of my contributions here are subsequent to and in accordance with my own philosophical system.

And I am making a rather broad assumption: that the majority of people here are contributing actively within their own particular part of the world at large, and not just showing up to throw a verbal nickel into the internet version of Ellis Island. One can only hope.