I think we should place less emphasis on our jobs or professions. For someone like me, who hasn't worked in years (due to health problems), I hate being asked that question. What do I do? I do nothing. How's that for an answer. But I'm a living human being - with many interests, opinions and feelings. Instead, how about asking, "What do you think?" That's a much more interesting question, if you ask me. I never quite know how to respond to the question, "What do you do?" without divulging my complete medical history - and to strangers, that isn't always comfortable. Normally, I say I'm "retired," but I'm only 43, then they immediately think I'm a rich former Microsoft employee who cashed in. Quite the opposite. The only other response I can think of is to say, "Oh, I'm a Bon Vivant." Which raises a few eyebrows, I can assure you. So before you ask somebody, "What do you do?" - think. Harder.