Some say that life does not have meaning or that it does not need meaning. Everything a person does gives them purpose to whatever degree. Whether it be your job, friends, family, desires or even religion you get meaning from these things. In turn you also add meaning to people's lives around you. While not every person needs to have a very specific thing they were put on this planet to do, every person still has purpose and meaning. My life gets meaning from every experience, every step, every breath. I will touch people's lives and I will be touched by them. While I can make plans I cannot know for certain where my life will lead me, and in that uncertainty is a sort of meaning also. If someone had no purpose then they would not be interacting with the rest of the world or they simply would not exist. Take a toaster for instance. It's purpose is to toast bread. If a toaster still existed but it did not have its said purpose then it would no longer be a toaster; it would be scrap metal. Though humans are many things I would like to think that we are not merely scrap.