This question is pretty easy to answer for me. In the 21st century, the age of the world wide web, computing power surpassing human intelligence, scientific understanding spanning from the Planck length to 14 billion years of cosmic history, and most importantly, nuclear weapons powerful enough to deface a planet, we still have with us a remnant of the Dark Ages - religious faith. I find it very odd that superstition prevails in light of our astonishing intellectual accomplishments over the past few decades. More than that, it's frustrating. If religion were nothing more than a force for good in the world, I would have no problem. It's not that simple. As long as people can be convinced of the veracity of ancient claims regarding the supernatural, or even nature, with absolutely no reason or evidence, suicide bombing, racism, the stoning of women, and the looming threat of nuclear war will always follow. It's time to put the Bible and the Koran back on the shelf with other bronze age fiction like the Iliad and Odyssey and move on. In fact, it's overdue. The possibility of a Biblical literalist holding the office of president should be a VERY frightening thought to anyone with the intelligence to interpret this sentence. And yet, it is reality.

 We know Zeus doesn't throw lightning bolts, we know the sun is not a chariot that flies over the earth, we know that there are no fairies, satyrs, dragons, or unicorns, and it should follow that prayer is just as superstitious, as well as souls, prophets, virgin birth, etc. Would you trust a man who believes hurricanes are the result of the lack of sacrifices to Neptune with the United States nuclear arsenal? Why is it any better to trust someone who believes in a talking snake in a tree? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE APOCALYPSE