So why do people believe that is we travel at the rate the earth is spinning we will somehow travel in time? oh yeah Movies, thanks Superman. Time travel is most likely not possible, and if it was I do not believe it would have anything to do with traveling around the earth so fast that somehow time was effected, I believe the only thing that would happen is that one would get really dizzy really fast. If we remember our history at one point we all believed the earth was the center of the universe, and we were wrong, today we all believe that the earth is special because it is the only one (that we know of) with life on it. Someday I believe that  thought will be a crazy as the world is flat.  It is amazing to me that people believe the earth is so special, the only thing special about it is that we live on it, there is a great chance that there are thousands of planets just like ours in the Universe making this one no better than any of those other then we live on it. However it is possible that there is another way to travel in time?