Ive mentioned alot of this in the comments section but i figured il post a response anyway.

I agree that being agnostic is the way to go because it is the only viewpoint on religion that does not set anything in stone and does not say "i am sure that god exists/dosentexist". Because we can never have true knoledge of anything in existance with any degree of certainty. Depends of what people use to evaluate the world science, religion, etc they tend to lean a certain way on an issue. But in order to say definativly god does or does not exist requires a certain amount of blind faith. In the case of the atheist blind faith in nonexistance of a diety.

Now science is much more valid in the sence that it uses eason and logice and these two concepts are about as infalible as any concept can be. However science reason on perception. Ideas such as space and time, cause and effect on which science as we know it is foundes are all derived from perception. And ther is no way we can prove the validity of our perception. Hence i belive science same as religion is also not infalible. So all we can do is say "i dont know".