An embryo might be unique, but it is not a person in the sense of philosophy, being reasoning, conscious, with a persistent personal identity. Women who have abortions are likely to be in circumstances related to suicide. A common reason for an abortion is separation from a partner, which is related to suicide. I have seen studies that claim that there is a link between suicide and abortion, that make no attempt to eliminate other factors. I have yet to see a quality study that suggests a link between suicide and abortion exists. In a National Cancer Institute meta study, it was concluded that "having an abortion or miscarriage does not increase a woman’s subsequent risk of developing breast cancer". A ultrasound image is not informing a pregnant woman in her decision to have an abortion. It is provoking an emotional response that most people have when seeing something that looks like a human infant. Many doctors refuse to perform abortions on fetuses over 16 weeks because of this emotional response, even though they have no moral objections to abortions. Something being right or wrong, does not rely on our emotional response to it, there are cases when we know there is something we must do, but we know that it will be emotionally upsetting, and provoke sensations of nausea and pain.