Well the problem here is that some things that are NOT called "religion" ARE in fact a religion in disguise.

For example:
The Six O'Clock News Report commonly shows a 'sob' story about some 'innocent' person who was 'injured' in such and such way and for some illogical reason this is announced by the News lady as a 'negative' event.

These News Reports are RELIGIOUSLY BIASED! Not all religions believe in 'innocence', some religions believe that everything is 'cause and effect' and 'random' does not exist. Not all religions believe in absolute 'good' and absolute 'evil', some religions believe that All Events are NEUTRAL, and that it is our choice how we perceive an event (good, neutral, bad, or other).

Therefore what is NOT called "Religion" IS sometimes Religion in disguise. And its deceptive and ignorant tactics can be more damaging than the overtly called "Religion".